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Heather is known for her work as investigator and documentarian on A&E's hit series Paranormal State, Heather Taddy has co-hosted Travel Channel’s Alien Highway, Portals to Hell and the CW’s Mysteries Decoded.

Currently Heather produces & films “Travel the Dead” with best friend Katrina Weidman.

2024 Celebrity Guests

Aaron Sagers.png

Aaron Sagers is a tv host, producer, journalist & author. You can catch him on: 28 days haunted, Paranormal caught on camera, Talking Strange with Den of Geek and more! His work also includes: The Paranormal pop culture collection, contributing author to: Doctor who psychology and Joker psychology and much more!,

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Chris is a Producer, American Medium, Paranormal Researcher/Investigator and Public Speaker! He has written many articles and publications and in print and online. As seen on: Spooked, Raising the Dead, Real scary stories and more,

Joshua Dairen.png

Joshua Dairen is a paranormal researcher and rising content creator with features in documentaries, podcasts, and media and is known for his deep knowledge of urban legends in the south. He’s been seen at Amy Bruni’s Strange Escapes. He is also a Paranormal researcher and content creator! 

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