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Below are the most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) that we receive.


If your question is not addressed here, please email us at

Code of Conduct: 

Please be mindful of others & respect everyone's personal space. If at any time you feel uncomfortable, please reach out to security or one of our staff members right away. No unwelcomed advances or violence of any kind will be tolerated. This includes all of our special guests, attendees, vendors & staff! 

Will there be security at the event?

Yes, there will be security staff on site.


Can we bring backpacks/bags?

Bags will be allowed but will be subject to search.


Can we bring our own food & drinks?

No outside food & drinks are allowed (unless it’s for infants/small children)


Can we video tape and take photos of the guests?

Please be respectful of all attendees and featured guests. No candid photos or videos without approval


What is the dress code?


Are we allowed to bring our service animals?

We welcome licensed service animals. Please be sure they are wearing their vests, so others know, to be respectful to the job/service they are providing for you. Our policy is in accordance with ADA law, which defines a service animal as a dog that is trained to perform a task or tasks to mitigate a handler’s disability or access need. Service animals always need to be leashed (unless prevented by their handler’s disability or access need) and under handlers control at all times.


Is There Parking?

Please check back as more details will be made available. Handicapped parking is available at the hotel. Keep in mind that permits and decals will be required to be shown for handicapped or disabled parking spots


Will I Be Able to Re-Enter After I Leave?

Yes, you will be given your wristbands and badges when you check in. Do not remove them or lose them as they are not replaceable. We will have a will call set up (details coming) where you can pick up your wristbands and badges before entering the event. You must bring your confirmation email, either printed or on your phone. Wristbands and badges are to be worn together and visible for the duration of your visit. If you are coming for multiple days, you must keep your wristbands and badges on for those days.


Can Anyone Be Issued a Media Pass?

No, sorry. As these are very limited, we will only issue to accredited/professional media outlets and cannot be issued for personal use. We have our own official photographer on site who will be walking around taking a lot of pictures for everyone to enjoy.


Are Tickets Refundable?

All paid admission, event, photo ops, autographs and other activity tickets are nonrefundable.


How does the autographs/selfies with the featured guests work?

Auto/selfies are purchased in person at each guest’s booth, most are cash only, with prices set by each guest. A selection of photographs will be provided (some will also have their merchandise for sale as well) or you may bring an item for the guest to sign at their discretion.


What Are Photo-Ops?

Photo ops are professionally taken photos with guests and include an 8×10 print out of your photo. Photo Ops move quickly as they are not a Meet & Greet. Please be prepared with your photo op pose in advance. No kissing or inappropriate touching is allowed without express consent from our special guests.


How many people can be in a photo op?

2 adults and 2 children (10 & under) can be in the solo photo ops

3 adults and 3 children (10 & under) can be in the group photo ops

Are Weapons Allowed?

Real weapons of any kind are not allowed on the premise; no wood/metal bats, swords, bows/arrows/knives etc.  This includes all firearms and air soft guns. This also applies to attendees who may have a permit or license to carry any weapons. If you have any questions, please contact us at the email address listed above prior to the event.


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